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By | August 21, 2022

An RDF property is a URI (named useful resource) that represents a binary relation seen object-orientedly, as a property of members of its domain, taking values from a spread.

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The aim of the TF semantics namespace is to supply sufficient semantic evaluation of common language to assist a easy interlingua appropriate for typical terminological definitions which will be parsed from and generated to a number of natural languages.

OWL has its own definitional primitives owl:sameAs and owl:equivalentClass For a TF definition to be right, the definiens and its definiendum should be logically equal in OWL phrases, i.e. the relation owl:equivalentClass (or owl:sameAs within the case of people) holds between the referents of the definiens and the definiendum.

In terminology principle, the distinction between individual and class corresponds to the excellence between (common) concepts, designated by (general) terms, and particular person (idea)s, whose designations are typically known as nomenclature or appellations (ISO 1087-1:2000:2,6).

Examine the OWL2 proposal for a key property owl:hasKey The validity of the belief that the properties of a descriptive identifier are actually keys might be stated and examined in OWL 2 utilizing the OWL 2 construct HasKey It permits defining keys for a given class.

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In terminology principle, the distinction between individual and sophistication corresponds to the distinction between (general) ideas, designated by (general) phrases, and particular person (concept)s, whose designations are sometimes generally known as nomenclature or appellations (ISO 1087-1:2000:2,6). Global identifiers is likely one of the main benefits of RDF that make TermFactory potential.


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